What You May Not Get Aboard Cheap International Flights?

By: Naveen | May 6, 2012 Before you board the flight, you would look at every possible avenue for getting the cheap air tickets. Once you get it and board the flight, either in the economy class of the international flights or in the low-cost carrier flights, there are certain things which you shall be prepared for. While most of the basic services would be the same as in other classes of seating, there would definitely b

Pilot Shop - Where a Pilot Meets His Needs

By: Claire | May 4, 2012 A pilot shop serves the most for any pilot’s necessities. It is a store where a pilot can buy his/her accessories and those required for the aircraft and its maintenance. There are various things that are available in a pilot shop.

Things to know before getting a pilot training from a training institute

By: Claire | May 4, 2012 Pilots had constantly been in demand from earlier times and have only risen in demand in present time. At present, countless airlines operate numerous flights to different destinations across the world. It is obvious that, to carry the ever-rising passengers with so many flights, and to keep the momentum running, airline companies need pilots to operate flights for various destinations and to cope

Pilot Training Courses available in the country are as good as those offered by institutes in the West.

By: Claire | May 4, 2012 A pilot is always looked upon with respect and holds an awe-inspiring impression in the eyes of the social circles that they frequent. In the earlier days, pilot training was considered to be very tough due to the less number of institutes that offered courses of pilot training. However, nowadays a large number of aviation institutes all over India that offer administration of world class courses

Requirements and conditions to get proper pilot training

By: Claire | May 4, 2012 In today’s world, aviation is an excellent field for graduate students. There are many fields in aviation industry and becoming a pilot is one such field. For becoming a pilot, one should get pilot training from various training schools. It is must for every pilot aspirant to get training from pilot schools.

Carbon Composites To Increase Aircraft Fuel Efficiency

By: Naveen | May 3, 2012 Reducing the airfares is one of the most important ways of garnering market shares. The airlines all over the world prefer to buy those airplanes which have a good operational efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. When it comes to reducing the airfares, the most commonly applied methods are of increasing the levels of efficiencies in all-round, in-flight and on-ground operations of the airplane

Three Key Aspects Of Aircraft Efficiency: Engines, Body And Alternative Fuels

By: Naveen | May 3, 2012 To meet the demand of more fuel efficiencies in the airplanes, the manufacturers adopt a holistic approach and a multi-pronged strategy. The most common areas which have been focused upon are: body of the aircraft, the development of better and fuel efficient engines and the alternative fuels.

Flights Belfast to Manila - A Cultural Ecstasy

By: Massimo Alonzi | May 3, 2012 The Philippines is the land of diversity. This multi-ethnic city displays a blend of colorful cultures and traditions. The capital of Philippines, Manila, is a perfect city to see the harmony and brotherhood among the people of different faiths. Since ages, people of different cultures namely, Americans, Spanish, British and Japanese are living together.

Conducting an Olympic Slot Booking With A Flight Plan

By: victoria gaziano | May 3, 2012 It has been decided by the UK government when conducting a flight plan in regards to the Olympics this year, all airports in the Southern UK and specifically the London area are to be slot co-ordinated.

Grab Air Tickets to Pakistan for a Fascinating Holiday

By: samwalker | May 2, 2012 Having an air ticket to Pakistan can be your gateway to heaven where true tourist delights spread their wings of promise and greet you with splendid lures. Badshahi Mosque and Kaghan Valley are few such attractions for tourists.
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