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To Those Who Prepare to the Bund

By: Nick HRC | Mar 31, 2012 The Bund is Shanghai's stately street of old colonial-era buildings and the first port of call for many Shanghai tour visitors. Located on the west bank of the Huangpu River, there are multiple excellent views of skyscrapers near the Bund and Nanjing Road, a main shopping street, heads west from the Bund's center at Peace Hotel. Below are something I want to share with you, especially those who pl

Prairie: a forgotten land of natural beauty by many!

By: Samantha Kirk | Mar 28, 2012 There is a place which was one of the first settlements for many immigrants who came from different countries and a place, the prairie.

Andalucia Villas among the cobbled streets of La Juderia in Cordoba

By: Porsche Klinger | Mar 26, 2012 Cordoba’s old Jewish quarter, La Juderia, was mostly built during the Moorish occupation of ANDALUCIA VILLAS. With winding cobbled streets, it is not unlike many other towns and villages in southern Spain. There is however a small difference you may not even have noticed on previous visits: as the area is built on a downward slope, the paths have all been deliberately built utilizing that slight

Prague and annual Christmas Markets

By: Paul Syms | Mar 24, 2012 Throughout the year, there are many markets that appear across the city of Prague in the Czech Republic; however, one of the most anticipated markets in the city are the Prague Christmas markets that are held during the holiday season.

5 Tips for Backpackers visiting Amsterdam, Holland

By: Paul Syms | Mar 24, 2012 Amsterdam and Holland as a whole is a great region in which to travel and there are many possibilities for backpackers and students to enjoy their spring and summer times in the area and to do so on a budget. Below we look at five ways in which you can enjoy Amsterdam on a budget.

Gramercy Park – Nature Within the Big City

By: Kristy Gomez | Mar 19, 2012 Gramercy Park represents an effort to keep nature accessible within the big city. It’s a landmark that’s cherished because of its history and appealing nature to the residents.

Top Destinations on Captivating India Holidays

By: Raj Aryan | Mar 14, 2012 India, one of the most civilized countries in whole Asia is an award-wining tourist destination for having a lifetime experience.

Events and Attractions in Tampa Bay

By: Matt Fulton | Mar 14, 2012 Dozens of festivals and events take place in Tampa Bay every year and all year long. These are the most popular Events and Festivals in the Tampa Bay area.

Vacation Tour Packages With Holiday Vacation Packages

By: Vacation Tour Packages | Mar 13, 2012 Vacation Tour Packages or the scintillating valleys of Kashmir, the breathtaking deserts of Rajasthan or the exhilarating plateaus of the East, the tour gives visitors inclusive insights into the land that has been touted to be the next superpower of the 21st century. One of the most popular India Holiday Tour Packages is the Golden Triangle Tour.

Sports Fans: Things to Do in Tampa

By: Matt Fulton | Mar 12, 2012 Tampa can be a great travel destination for people who like sports, as the city offers a wide range of sports events all year long. There are sports events for every taste, from football, baseball and roller derby games to dog races, bull riding and kickball for kids and adults.
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