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Amsterdam-A place to witness rich culture!

By: Aron Howard | Mar 8, 2012 Amsterdam city offers an eclectic mix of recreation and culture that attracts tourists of all age groups and regions. One should take advantage of cheap tickets to Amsterdam and see lot of wonderful and exciting places.

Savour an Interesting Experience with Tamilnadu Tour

By: Caper Travel | Mar 7, 2012 Known as the cradle of Dravidian culture, Tamilnadu is a state that boasts of a host of enchanting attractions. Blessed with immense natural beauty, beaches and hill stations, Taminadu is a perfect tourist destination. For devotees, it has several ancient temples that showcase the amazing architecture. Its colorful festivals and exotic wildlife just fascinate the tourists.

Vrindavan Travel Guide-Symbolizing Peace and Spirituality

By: Caper Travel | Mar 5, 2012 Vrindavan is a sacred place and according to Hindu legend, it is the place of Lord Krishna. This is one of its kind place where visibility of international devotees is much higher than the Indians. In this region, the animals are given more respect and especially cows as these are the vehicles of Lord Krishna. The Glimpses of the ancient time are still visible and grab the attention of the visitor

Villas in Alicante for some interesting facets of this fascinating city

By: Porsche Klinger | Mar 5, 2012 There are many interesting facets of Alicante and many great places to see from your VILLAS IN ALICANTE break. The Ayuntamiento, more commonly known to the British as the Town Hall, was finished in 1760 and is designed like so many other Alicante monuments in the Baroque style. If you go inside you can wander around; it is open to the tourists as much as to the local residents. On the lower step o

America’s Oldest Continually-Inhabited Towns

By: Zhang Tung | Nov 30, 2010 Many visitors choose modern cities with magnificent beauty, bustle nightlife, and recreation spots as their destinations. Others are interested in exploring old towns with historical sites and long history and development. Let’s discover the following oldest continually-inhabited towns (cities) in America.

Edinburgh: Athens of the North

By: Elisa Wasson | Jul 24, 2010 Edinburgh, the capital and cultural center of Scotland for over 500 years has become among the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It's one of Europe's main tourist attractions for about 1 million visitors a year and is the second most visited destinations in the UK after the city of London. The "Athens of the North" is not only famous as the festival city with lots of beautiful locations but for prosperous service industries and the area around George Street- among the Europe's largest investment centers as well. Let's take a tour around the city of Edinburgh to enjoy the breathtaking culture, landscape, tradition, and people there.

Milan: fashion capital and cradle of art

By: JENNIFER QUINN | Jul 22, 2010 Milan, which is a city in Italy and the capital of the region of Lombardy, is recognized as a world of fashion and design capital, with major global influence in industry, commerce, art, and sport. It is undeniable that Milan is an active city. People call it “the economy capital” and the cradle of art. The city is the home of unique working style and life style.

"Slingomama 2010" contest in Russia

By: Henry Funk | Jul 20, 2010 Russia, the largest country in the world, has a large number of ethnic groups with distinctive traditions of folk music. This nation also contributes many of the world’s most famous literary works by greatest writers of all time. Tourists can enjoy movies in traditional Russian cinemas, pay a visit to the casinos and bowling clubs as well as experience and participated in the nightlife of the country.

Must-see European cities for summer vacation

By: Zidane Randall | Jun 5, 2010 Europe- the 6th largest continent on planet is considered as an ideal paradise for travelling in summer. Summer in Europe is so cool because of mild climate. People who live in other continents will feel much more relaxed to take a trip to Europe because the heat of summer is much more eased. In other words, Europe is famous for its interesting destinations with ancient buildings, tranquil rivers, hospitable people, modern life pace, and so on. Summer has just come; it's time we visited the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The romantic cities with peaceful rivers such as Venice, Italy; dreamy islands in Greek; calm countrysides in England can be one of the best choices for this summer. Below are Europe's most beautiful destinations for Europe tourism lovers.
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