Eco Tourism

Beautiful rooftop gardens worldwide

By: Emma Murphy | Aug 13, 2010 Many people especially in urban residents are unfortunate to have enough space to create a green garden. There has been increasing demand for rooftop gardens which give city dwellers the opportunity to take in nature and improve air quality as plants and flowers provide oxygen. Green roofs have become a popular trend for their benefits. Green roofs serve many purposes for a building like creating a habitat for wildlife, lowering urban air temperature, and absorbing rainwater. With advanced technology and creativity, people have designed amazing green rooftop buildings and gardens.

Worth-seeing destinations worldwide

By: Michael Hudgen | Jul 14, 2010 Many destinations which attracted thousands of tourists each year are famous not only for their beautiful and spectacular landscapes but also their geography and strange phenomena. Let's discover some following destinations and their distinguishing features.

The world's paradises for open-air bath

By: Henry Funk | Jun 3, 2010 In the modern life, stress is considered as one of the most dangerous enemies which makes many people tired and aging. For that reason, open-air-bath has recently become popular in the world so that people can relieve stress and improve beauty naturally. It is now among the most favorable spa services for people to live harmony with nature. Open-air-bath has been developed and improved to be a spa service in the tourism industry. Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences Travel Guide has listed paradises for open-air-bath. Let's discover!

10 most eye-catching transparent animals

By: Sarah Skovachez | May 27, 2010 Transparent animals are recognized as the nature's marvel because of their amazing and eye-catching appearances. From frogs to butterflies, the most interesting feature is their transparency which contributes to animal world's diversity. The transparency is their advantages to be invisible or make predators hard to see at least in some particular circumstances. Most of those animals are transparen
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