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Travel Guide: New Zealand

By: Ted Brumby | Dec 11, 2012 Best travel guide to help making a plan and explore lots of fun things to do and see in New Zealand.

National Heroes Day - One of the Best Events In Bermuda!

By: Charles Doyle | Nov 29, 2012 The Bermuda kite is an important part of Bermudian cultural heritage. Not only is the structure and graphic design of a Bermuda kite completely unique, kite flying is central to the Good Friday holiday celebrations on the island. In fact, Good Friday is sometimes referred to as ‘Kite Day’ by locals! The place to be is horseshoe bay beach, where kites fill the sky for most of the day. Kite com

Best African Safari Adventure: What to Bring?

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 20, 2012 An African safari adventure is definitely a far cry from your usual luxurious and comfortable holiday destinations. However, with just the right amount of preparedness and sense of adventure, this kind of tour will definitely take you to new and exciting heights. But how do you prepare for this kind of getaway? What should you expect from this tour? And what things should you bring with you? Here

Make Sure To Properly Tag Your Luggage Before Traveling

By: Julie Bogdan | Nov 6, 2012 Planning a trip seems more like a chore than anything, as you have to get a passport and tell family and friends where you are in case of emergencies. The tips in this article are aimed at simplifying the travel process for you. If you wish to travel abroad, try learning about the language.

Water puppet show - a unique creation of the Vietnamese

By: Hoa Nguyen | Oct 24, 2012 If you are ever in Hanoi it will be regretful to miss the Water Puppet Theater - even if you think you are not a puppet kind of person. Water Puppets literally means “puppets that dance on the water”. This show is not just geared for kids, but meant to delight adults as well.

Incredible India – A Must See Place on Earth Before We Proceed For the Next World.

By: Theincredible | Aug 13, 2012 India Tours is the most memorable journey of life. The wonderful country of India has been mesmerizing travelers since ages, it has a rich wealth of cultural diversity, exotic religions and natural abundance.

How to Ensure Your Bus Charter Minneapolis Driver is the Best

By: ericdcosta | Aug 9, 2012 These companies have eased the process of hiring their buses through their websites. They only require that a client agrees to their terms and conditions and is able to meet their charges.

Agra tour-Explore the beautiful city side

By: janakghij | Aug 9, 2012 Agra is one of the best cities of India which has lots of tourist spot to allure the travelers. Agra every year welcomes more than thousands of travelers who visit this magnificent city to experience the charms

Taj Mahal tour package- Love embark forever

By: janakghij | Aug 9, 2012 The spell-bounding beauty of love is a source of inspiration for many lovers of modern century. From children to oldest people everybody knows that this embodiment of immortal love was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan at Agra in long time back may be in 17th century.

Visiting San Francisco for vacations

By: paul strauss | Aug 9, 2012 When one plans to go out on vacations he has to undergo a phase of brain storming, planning and organizing his perfect excursion before actually enjoying it and when it is about San Francisco, you don’t have to think twice.
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