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Best hotels worldwide are familiar topic readers can see in most journals, especially tourism journals; however, have you ever thought or seen an article about best themes which make hotels more tempting toward visitors and hotel-seekers. Here is the complete list of the most sought and visited hotels in terms of themes that they are being identified with.


Cartoon Character Inspired

It can not be denied that color is one of the most interesting and eye-catching things for everyone and children are not exceptional. When children see something colorful and close to their heart, they would definitely grab their parents’ arms and ask them to say “Yes”. The cartoon-character inspired themes with different colors where kids are interested and fascinated. This is best place for your children to have a nice holiday.

Cartoon Character Inspired - one of the best Hotel Themes - is the best place for your children to have a nice holiday

Fairy Tales and Fantasy World

Some say that Fairy Tales are only for children, not for adults. However, in a hotel with fairy tales and fantasy world, do adults think this is the best time to introduce them to your kids? In face, thanks to the heart warming and fun-filled stories, parents can teach valuable lessons for children. It may not be real but their rooms and ambient designs are truly eye catching and irresistible.

Deciding to stay in a hotel with fairy tales and fantasy world is the best way for your children to be aware of the heart warming and fun-filled stories with valuable lessons

Enthused Sports and Games

This is the best place where you can enjoy your restlessness with your favorite sport or team

Prominent Figures and Personalities

This is one of the great hotel inspired themes recommended to those individuals who are fans of a certain figure or just curious of getting an up-close view of the person, even in a representation of a hotel. You may even hear a Beatles classic when you take a bath or while checking in at the reception hall.

Prominent Figures and Personalities - one of the great hotel inspired themes

Submerged Underwater

How about spending a night or two, sleeping with groups of fish, crawling sea slugs, and playing dolphins? This interesting ideal can come true in staying on a submerged hotel, which can be located close to the ocean without getting wet

Time Warp and Historical

You do not need to wish to witness the happenings and experiences of the past in certain historical buildings. Discovering the time-warped designs and built of hotels is a fantastic ideal to have enough information of learning the activities and traditions of history. This is a better way of studying and experiencing the past

Business Hotels

This is the kind of hotel where meetings and conferences are usually done

Best Hotel Themes Worldwide: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts with Business Hotels


Lots of Lush Trees and Greens

One of the best and most complementary additions that should be included in the hotel is the presence of lush green gardens with a variety of flowers, bushes, and trees, which may be located at the back part, on the sides, or on the upper deck of the hotel

Hanging on a Tree

There are tourists, excursionists, and travelers that would like to spend their holiday staying very close to the forest and sleeping on a tree house. Interestingly, there are certain hotels in the world that have created tree house accommodations for the sake of providing a unique experience that cannot be commonly seen in most places.

Hanging on a Tree is one of best hotel themes

Secluded on an Island

Some of the most famous and prominent hotel themes in the world can be found away from the mainland, where accessibility of the location can be reached by a ferry boat, a yacht, or a seaplane. There are no game challenges in these kinds of resorts and hotels


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Best Hotel Themes Worldwide

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