Smart Ways of Booking Flight Tickets for a Short Vacation

By: Pooja Sharma | Feb 20, 2014 Going for a vacation with family and friends has a different charm altogether and is one of the best ways to chill out from the monotonous lifestyle. Whether going to international or domestic locations, a trip with near and dear ones offers a much-needed retreat for people.

Opt for Budget Airlines to Get Cheapest Air Tickets

By: Pooja Sharma | Jan 23, 2014 Travelling on flights was initially considered a luxury and a mode of travel only for the rich. There was a time when airfare used to be sky-high and the average middle class did not even try to go for it. However, with the rapid rise of budget airlines, which offer an option of flight ticket booking at nominal rates.

Things to Remember while Choosing an Airline for International and Domestic Flights

By: Pooja Sharma | Jan 8, 2014 People, on most occasions, are unable to decide about the choice of airline for air transport. This issue can be faced, both while taking international as well as domestic flights.

Role of Travel Portals in Providing Cheap Air Tickets to Globe trotters

By: Pooja Sharma | Dec 18, 2013 The wide usage of internet and rapid advancement in technology has made the modern lifestyle for individuals more convenient. People can easily conduct their business, carry out important financial transactions, buy and sell items, book tickets for movie shows sitting at homes or from office and even while on the move.

Look for Provincial Airlines for Domestic Flight Booking

By: Pooja Sharma | Dec 13, 2013 The aviation industry can be broadly classified into two categories, namely domestic and international carriers. As evident from the terminology, international carriers are those, which operate across various countries as well as offer cross-continental flights while domestic are the ones that operate within the same country.

Some Overlooked Techniques for Getting Lowest Airfare

By: Pooja Sharma | Dec 4, 2013 Generally, while looking for cheap air fare, people focus on the most common techniques used for this purpose. These largely include having flexible dates, looking for packages and discounts and researching on a number of popular websites. While these hold good on most occasions, especially on short journeys, the same might fall short under certain circumstances.

Online Flight Booking and its Advantages

By: Pooja Sharma | Nov 4, 2013 In recent, air travel has become a popular transportation option, among international travellers due to its safe and quick services, compared to others. This has led to stiff competition among airline companies woo as many as customers as they can. Subsequently, this has made availability of cheap tickets quite easy.

Why You Should Rent a Non-public Jet

By: Johnathan Olson | Oct 21, 2013 Have you find out about a luxury jet rent earlier than? If you are thinking to make a journey someday and also you used the web to find out about your journey arrangements, you may have. Whereas private jet charters are nice, they are not excellent for everyone or every journey situation.

How to become a good travel flyer

By: John Das | Aug 12, 2013 When you intend to travel by business class flights, you get excited. Scheduled for either business or casual reasons, air travel is still the most secured and popular ways among the travelers. It is possible to make your air travel enjoyable and memorable by following a number of pre-planned steps. I am going to give you a few tips by which you can enjoy your journey without any unnecessary imped

The City Of Contrasts: Accra

By: abbot | May 23, 2013 Pristine coastlines, fabulous galleries, captivating museums, vibrant traditional marketplaces, amazing monuments and glitzy nightlife! That is what Accra is all about! The largest city and capital of Ghana, Accra has a sheer blend of modern and traditional architecture.
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