Handy Tips To Reduce Stress For Frequent Fliers

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Travelling frequently is not as glamorous as it sounds. Despite getting the odd discount, the frequent fliers feel as if they are flying off the handle. The handy tips below will help you to reduce the stress from repeated travelling.


Although it seems obvious, when packing ensure you pack as lightly as possible. Only pack the clothes you need and if they can be mixed and matched it will reduce the amount of clothes you have to take in the first place. Pack 'wrinkle free' clothing and make a 'travel only' toiletry bag, which saves you unpacking and repacking the bathroom cabinet every time you make a trip. If you make a checklist of all your packed items, there will be no need for you to keep checking and double checking your bag.

Make your journey to the airport stress free. Take advantage of the airport transfers on offer, such as the Stansted bus available to customers travelling to or from central London to Stansted airport. Ensure you allow yourself enough time to complete the journey, worrying about whether you will make it to the check in desk on time will only cause your stress levels to rise.


On approach to the airport keep your ticket and passport to hand, if your chosen airline allows you to print out your boarding pass before you fly, take advantage of this as it will save you time. Keep your travel documents together and at hand for easy access when requested by check in staff and security, you could even speed up the process by keeping you passport open to the page with photo ID.


Establishing travel rituals such as these is a good way of preventing and reducing travel stress. Not only do they save you time, but they encourage you to be organised, which in turn allows you to stay calm.


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Handy Tips To Reduce Stress For Frequent Fliers

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This article was published on 2010/09/03