The 5 Worst Jobs For the 21st Century

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Employment in the 21st century is a different animal than it was in the 20th century due to the changes in economics, the way government operates, the way the private sector sees growth and of course the advances in technology.

File Clerks - this position doesn't pay a whole lot and will be slowly eradicated as more and more companies go paperless. Expect a drop of close to 40% in this sector. Granted it is not a high paying position but was once a good job for those with minimal skills.

Radio Announcers - we'll be seeing a reduction due to several different situations. Consolidation of stations and advancements in technology are going to have an effect on the job opportunities there as well as a lack of new stations popping up. Those of you with golden voice boxes will need to look elsewhere.

Federal Employees - a good part of the federal employment will be transferred to the state and local levels over the next five to ten years and many jobs will be outsourced to private enterprises. This will increase the opportunities there of course and also give greater over site to the quality of work.

Travel Agents - with the expansion of online travel websites, huge advertising budgets of companies like Priceline, Expedia and the other large online travel companies, less and less of us are using the local travel agent. In addition to the larger online companies getting even yet larger, any down turn in the economy has a huge affect on travel and travel agents.

Farmers - again, consolidation is taking an industry and improving it in efficiency but causing a loss of jobs. The long hours and rough working conditions are not the most favorable so unless one grows up in a farming community they are not apt to take a position there as well.

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The 5 Worst Jobs For the 21st Century

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This article was published on 2010/04/03