Tips on Avoiding Shark Attacks

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Sharks, one of the most terrifying predator  of the marine world, are known as the bloodthirsty killing machines with the sharp teeth, and an incredible speed. In the recent years, some case of shark attacking human reported, but most of them do attacks for feeding. Sharks sometimes grab humans by mistake or to protect their space when people accidentally or incidentally enter their place.


The yearly average of shark attacks on humans is 75, resulting in about 10 deaths. In fact, the number of people who die from a bee sting, snake bite, or lightning is more than from a shark attack. Although this number is very small, shark attacks are often seen the worst nightmare to their victims, which can not forget during their life time.


If you intend to have the most exciting vacation in a wild and beautiful beach, and are worried about shark attack possibility, here are some rules to help you to avoid them.


Tip 1 - Never swim alone


never swim alone in shark alert waters

 Most shark attacks occur on individuals, so it\'s best to swim in a group. 


Tip 2 - Seals are prime prey of shark


beware when swim near the sea seal

Avoid swimming close to seals, even if they look so adorable.

Tip 3 - Don\'t swim near to where people are fishing.


where are fishes, there are sharks

Sharks eat meat, and fish are meat. When the fishers attract fish, they attract sharks, too.

Tip 4 - Avoid wearing jewellery


Under the sun and in the ocean, your bling bling  will be reflected as that from a fish scale and make sharks confuse.

Tip 5 - Do not go surfing on cloudy days


Surfers and bodyboarders should be careful if they want to float on a board and wear flippers in bad weather. Sharks may mistake you for a seal.

Tip 6 - Do not swim out too far from the shore


Swimming far from the shore will also make it harder for lifeguard to see or rescue you.

Tip 7 - Try not to swim near groups of fish


 Sharks eat fish and sea is shark feeding ground. If you swim near the fish school, be careful to be the shark\'s next meal.



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Tips on Avoiding Shark Attacks

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