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  • Spectacular Apple Store in Paris
    Paige Taylor2010/07/07 11:47:34 am| 418391 views|7

    Apple has decided to expand its popularity in the world over by opening a store in the romantic city of Paris. The Apple store is built over the ground of an old opera house and in bowels of Le Louvre museum. This Paris Apple Store has its distinctive French features with wood stairs, stair railing pattern, dome, window glass, marble columns, old tile floor wood stairs, stair railing pattern, dome, glass windows, marble columns, etc, which is totally different from Apple Stores in other cities. Situated in a favourable location, the stunning Apple Store is expected to be the place not only for shopping, training and developing new ideas. Let’s have a look at the new Paris Apple Store.

  • India is one of the most beautiful and the most travelled destinations to visit and explore in the entire world. This beautiful destination is located in the South Asia and is one of the most sought after destinations for honeymooners, travellers and for the world trotters.

  • Impressive Tour around Amazon River
    Paige Taylor2010/09/17 09:02:12 am| 73868 views|3

    Amazon River situated in South America is the largest river in the world with the combination of ten largest rivers. The world's famous river is a giant system of rivers and forests, extending to half of Brazil and neighboring countries. Amazon River featuring the largest drainage basin in the world, about 7,050,000 square kilometres (2,720,000 sq mi), accounts for about one-fifth of the world's total river flow. The destination is famous for wealthy biodiversity with 15,000 species of creatures and 5000 species of trees, and so on. Let's have an exciting tour around Amazon River to discover what is the most interesting here.

  • Notting Hill Carnival has recently been held during the time between August 29 and 30, 2010 in West London. Nearly one million people gathered in West London, England to enjoy interesting and eye-catching art performances during Notting Hill Carniva-London's most exciting annual event. It is widely known that the Notting Hill Carnival, first appeared in 1966, is seen to be the largest festival celebration in Europe. Annually held, the streets of West London becomes colorful and fresh with the sounds and smells of Europe's greatest street festival. Let's take a tour around the Notting Hill street in West London, England to template the most stunning images of Notting Hill Carnival begun between August 29 and 30, 2010.

  • Secrets beyond Statue of Liberty
    Paige Taylor2010/06/23 15:05:38 pm| 118071 views|6

    The Statue of Liberty, fully titled as Liberty Enlightening the World, is recognized to be a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. This is one of the most magnificent destinations in the world and the gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States. At present, the Statue of Liberty is located in New York City, The United States, which is the central part of Statue of Liberty National Monument. For over years, there are some secrets inside the Statue of Liberty recently known. Let's discover!

  • How to make Cheap Airlines Booking?
    ryonsmth2011/08/27 20:14:37 pm| 0 views|0

    Travels can keep a tab on the cheap air tickets through travel alerts for the Airlines they wish to travel. Further they can subscribe to special offers alerts with the major travel booking portals .

  • When you come to Chiang Mai you will hear plenty about the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden or the Rajapreuk Royal Flora Garden: what you may not have discovered, however, is the hidden gem called the Tweechol Botanical Garden.

  • My First Holiday to Majorca
    Chris Miles2011/08/23 13:27:59 pm| 0 views|0

    When you first go on holiday to a place your heart stays there. I discovered this when I revisited the island that I had spent holidays as a child.

  • The spiritual journey of Chardham tour covers the four holy destinations of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. The wish fulfilling religious Yatra is a journey to the abode of Gods and Goddesses for an eternal salvation.

  • Airline Passenger Reviews
    sandy2011/08/27 16:29:13 pm| 0 views|0

    What does a customer value. There are many facilities and options provided by different airlines. Airline passenger reviews give the airlines a chance to understand that what is that a passenger prefers in an airline. The major concerns of a passenger are as follows

  • These days’ singles holidays are very happening and a trend that is slowly becoming popular all over the world. It has been observed that many prominent travel companies are following this trend and are picking it up as a concept for planning a singles holiday package.

  • Minicab to Heathrow
    lancecade2011/08/26 21:42:21 pm| 0 views|0

    Too hot for the tube? Try taking a taxi to Heathrow instead - a much more comfortable option in warm weather.

  • Mexico is a land of carnivals and bestows its tourists with a never-ending time of fun and frolic. From its beautiful pristine beaches to the refreshing tropical weather, Mexico has been a dream destination for one all around the globe. People come back touring to the different beaches and Riviera in Mexico with much ode to the hospitality and warmth offered by the Caribbean islands of Mexico.

  • Travel Packages for Different Countries
    tripaura2011/08/25 21:05:48 pm| 0 views|0

    These days, travel packages for different countries have been introduced that has made it possible for the vacationers to spend an enjoyable time with their near and dear ones at affordable rates.

  • Globally famous for world’s ten highest peaks including Mt. Everest world’s tallest peaks, Nepal is one of the most sought after tour and travel destination in Southern Asia sandwiched between the Tibet autonomous region of China and India.

  • Whether you are planning on a long holiday out with your family or a business travel in Las Vegas, you might require an extended stay hotel. And when one talks about extended stay options in Las Vegas, Crestwood Suites could be a right choice. Crestwood Suites has two locations in Las Vegas, including Crestwood Suites of Las Vegas Flamingo and Crestwood Suites of Las Vegas Boulevard. Both of them

  • Are you fed up with your stressful schedule and wish to rejuvenate yourself and for that purpose looking for an exotic tour and travel destination if yes then visit Malaysia a south-Asian country magnets tourists from every nook and corner of the world throughout the year.

  • Visualize sitting close by an ocean taking pleasure in the lovely view of sunrise with unmatched tunes of waves playing together with your feet.

  • India is a vast country and is home to some of the magnificent tourism attractions and sightseeing spots.

  • To take a break from regular routine work, Solo Holidays are best options. The break includes just turning your back on routine tasks, computer, laptops, assignments, deadlines, colleagues, and finicky boss and spending leisure time with our loved ones.